Paradigm shift


The construction of architectural projects has not undergone major changes beyond technologically improving the tools to execute them, the use of the shovel, the hammer and the spike are the same functionally as 2000 years ago, so a drastic change is not in the tool if not in the process of how to generate the projects. Building Information Modeling is that 180-degree change that is revolutionizing the way we design and build projects, offering the possibility of improving and satisfying the three basic needs of every project, time, cost and quality. Our team has been trained and worked on this methodology for more than 5 years trying to obtain certifications and training continuously to be updated on the subject.

Technology within reach


Point cloud technology offers several possibilities, with it you can make millimeter surveys to make decisions when renovations or expansions are made, allows you to digitally track the construction to compare it with the design and allows you to digitally rebuild any space for analysis. Our team will be able to provide what is necessary according to the requirement of your project.

BIM Experts


Architecture is the basis of all civilization, as part of the culture of each people through time. It is the possibility of solving a specific need for space, functionality and aesthetics. As a team we can provide a comprehensive solution to the architectural needs for each project in cost, time and quality.

Security in Every Project


The electrical design is fundamental in every project, not only because of the need to meet the electrical demands but also because of the safety that every installation must have. Likewise, it is the need to be able to generate more efficient and environmentally friendly facilities, being able to minimize risk at a good cost. Our team is constantly updated on issues related to safety and electrical design, trying to bring the latest technology advances to our customers.

Air quality


Livable spaces are increasingly closed and with more people, the conditioning of a space is no longer just to give them thermal comfort but also to provide the required air quality, generating healthy buildings that give health to those who inhabit them. Our team follows the regulations given by ASHRAE and LEED regarding air quality, in each project we apply the knowledge acquired to be able to give our clients the best.

Environment and Sustainability


The consumption of water and waste produced by homes and cities are a big problem for the environment and sustainability, the correct way to design this type of systems will give a grain of sand in the contribution to make a healthier planet. Our team works together with the client to be able to solve this type of needs, giving the best solutions always thinking about the environment and pollution, we have been able to recycle rained water and gray wastewater using the latest technology at our disposal.

Management, Administration and BIM


A construction project is not simply to realize on site what is in plans; It is a strategic planning of all the actors involved in the project, as well as managing all the information and resources available, in order to deliver a product in time, quality and cost. Our team is constantly trained to provide you with optimal advice on the execution of your project, with BIM certifications and master’s degrees in construction we deliver the knowledge acquired on site and in favor of your project.

Energy Quality and Safety


The quality of energy and safety is essential in any electrical installation, generating an engineering study that can verify the operation of the electrical system can minimize potential risks for the operation of each business in particular; Harmonics, arc faults, coordination of protections and medium voltage designs among others are the services we can offer.



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